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Part Task Trainers


Paediatric Lumbar Puncture 2

Paediatric Lumbar Puncture

Chest Drain models

Chest Drains

PROMPT Flexi model


PROMPT Flex Birthing

Central Venous Catheter Model

Central Venous Catheter


Pediatric IV Arm Model

Paediatric IV Arms


Knee Aspiration


Rectal Trainer

Rectal Examination


Femoral Block Trainer


Advanced Epidural
and Lumbar Puncture


Wound Care Model

Lumbar Puncture model

Lumbar Puncture


Catheterisation models



NG Tube and Tracheostomy Model

NG Tube and Tracheostomy


Arterial Arms


IV Arms


Nose Bleed Model

Nose Bleeds


Paracentisis Trainer



Ultrasound Guided PICC
Training Simulator


Crico Trainer

Bowel Care and Enema Trainer