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SimMan 3G





SimMan 3G is a highly advanced manikin.


SimMan 3G can be run completely wirelessly and

has approximately 4 hours continuous operation in wireless mode.



Multiple Airway Skills/Features:

• Head tilt/Chin lift

• Jaw thrust w/articulated jaw

• Suctioning (Oral & Nasopharyngeal)

• Bag-mask ventilation

• Oro/Nasotracheal intubation

• LMA, and other airway placement

• Endotracheal tube intubation

• Needle/ Surgical cricothyrotomy

• Stomach distention


Airway Complications:

• Can’t intubate/Can ventilate

• Can’t intubate/Can’t ventilate

• Tongue oedema

• Pharyngeal swelling

• Laryngospasm

• Decreased cervical range of motion

• Trismus


Breathing Features:

• Simulated spontaneous breathing

• Normal and abnormal breath sound


Breathing Complications:

• Cyanosis

• Unilateral, Bilateral & lobar breath sounds


Cardiac Features:

• Heart

• ECG rhythm monitoring (4 wire)

• 12 lead ECG display

• Defibrillation and cardioversion

• Pacing


Circulation Features:

• Carotid, femoral, brachial, radial, dorsalis pedis, popliteal and posterior tibialis pulses

• Pulse strength variable with BP

Vascular Access:

• IV access (right arm)

• Intraosseous access (tibia)

• Automatic Drug Recognition System



• CPR compressions generate palpable pulses, blood pressure wave form, and ECG artefacts

• Detection of depth, release and frequency of compressions



• Blinking – slow, normal, fast and winks

• Open, closed and partially open

• Pupillary responses

– normal and sluggish speed of response


Other Features:

• Seizure

• Bleeding sites

• Urine output

• Foley catheterisation

• Secretions

– Eyes, Ears, Nose, Mouth

• Bowel Sounds

• Patient Voice

– Pre-recorded sounds

– Custom sounds

– Instructor can simulate patient’s voice wirelessly


Patient Monitor:

• Wireless

• Highly configurable

• X-Ray Display

• 12 Lead ECG Display



SimMan 3G Manual Download