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Nursing Anne

Nursing Anne is educationally effective for clinical training targeting key skills from basic patient care to advanced nursing necessary for in-hospital patient care. This flexible manikin platform allows multiple accessory modules to be added including trauma, NBC module, and bleeding control for use in multiple settings.

Improving Patient Safety

The challenge to deliver continuous and consistent quality patient care requires proper training, accurate assessments, interventions and clinical decision making skills to ensure the best patient outcomes.By incorporating consistent simulation scenarios available on SimStore, instructors can easily integrate simulation into their clinical training curriculums helping learners make and correct their clinical errors without adverse consequences.

Patient Care

Interchangeable Male and Female Genitalia

Circulatory Skills and IV Drug Administration


Heart Sounds

Synchronized with programmable ECG

Lung Sounds

Synchronized with breathing rate, 0 – 60 bpm

Individual lung or bilateral sound selection

Bowel Sounds

Normal and abnormal bowel sounds

Vocal Sounds

Computer-generated sounds, mixed with voice input (via microphone sold separately)

Blood Pressure / Pulses

Breast Exam Module (Optional)

Mastectomy Module (Optional)

Fundus Skills and Assessment Module (Optional)

Wound Assessment & Care Modules (Optional)

Nursing Anne Directions for Use Download